Nurture smiles and happiness
How about greeting Delicacy, Health, and Beauty from the World?

Our company, Kitayama Shoji is a trading company located in Azumino City, Nagano Prefecture, which stretches at the foot of the Northern Alps.
With the theme of "nurturing healthy habits," we travel around the world to discover and examine valuable products and import them directly to Japan.
We handle products only with reliable ingredients, production processes, and quality, including multigrain pasta from Dr. Naturi, one of the world's leading food manufacturers, to meet the trust of Japanese customers.


Exporting Japanese Goods

We export Japanese products that make people’s lives more convenient, comfortable, and exciting.
We export Japan's cutting-edge technology and developed materials, as well as traditional crafts of Japanese craftsmen.
We support your business by quickly finding what customers "wants".


Our company, Kitayama Shoji, directly manage EC store "WHICH GIFT" is now open on “Yahoo! Shopping” and “Rakuten Ichiba”.
We also have Dr. Naturi's pasta, oil, cereals and UNUDRAGON wooden puzzles at EC sites.
Please feel free to contact us.

Kitayama’s PB products

We provide a stable supply of good products that "nurture healthy habits" based on safe and healthy foods.
We meet our customers' needs with healthiness, deliciousness, reliable quality, and careful and attentive service.